Article: “Has Milan design week become a victim of its own popularity?”

I wrote an article about the phenomenon that is Milan design week, suggesting that the industry has given up on reducing its planetary impact and creating products for regular people. Do we really want to be remembered for creating more nice stuff for wealthy people to occasionally use?

Read the full article here, published on Dezeen.

Article: Stockholm Furniture Fair “created a testbed for new ideas”

With trade shows falling on hard times, 2024’s Stockholm Furniture Fair set itself on a new path. I explore whether other fairs can learn from the Swedes’ approach.

Read the full article here, published on Dezeen.

Article: Design predictions for 2024

To see in the new year, I’ve written an article proposing some of the changes I expect to see in the design industries in 2024. These include the rise in material intelligence, growing appreciation of aesthetic imperfection, and a rush for sustainable accreditation.

Read the full article here, published on Dezeen.