Using the platform of exhibitions to showcase products and communicate design ideas has been core to Max's practice since his first exhibition of young designers in 2001. He has always been of the belief that great design should be seen by as many people as possible and has curated a variety of exhibitions over the years with that in mind.

Max has always been a champion for young design talent, believing that early career creatives need and deserve as much exposure as possible to succeed in the industry. He has featured countless burgeoning designers in exhibitions in London, Milan, New York and Tokyo.

Having staged many self-initiated exhibitions, Max also works closely with organisations to build an exhibition narrative to meet their objectives, be it finding ways to portray a nation's design prowess, create an editorial feature within a large trade fair, or explore a complex topic in a way that is understandable to the untrained eye.

Be it working on the micro details within a small room or masterplanning across an entire exhibition, Max is clear on one thing: that the presentation should be clear and the narrative simple to understand.

Max uses the medium of exhibitions to raise funding and awareness for his charity of choice, Maggie's. His 'Joy of Living' campaigns invite designers to create one-off artworks which are then sold. Across three initiatives, he has raised more than £100,000 for the cancer support charity.