Max is invited to speak publicly about design across the world, be it interviewing design luminaries in front of an audience of thousands in Singapore, being part of an intimate conversation in Bucharest, debating design futures in Dubai, hosting a conference in New York or chairing a panel discussion in London.

Max has interviewed many of the leading names in the design industry and plenty of upcoming talents too. He is at ease on stage in a one-on-one conversation, quizzing the individual with considered questions.

Max has moderated many panel discussions across the world, tackling numerous design-related subjects with varied and opinionated experts. His role is to introduce the topic, steer the flow of the conversation, manage the dynamic and, above all, ask the probing questions.

A conference or award ceremony needs an MC and Max often steps into this role by hosting an event, introducing and ordering the schedule as well as keeping the audience informed and engaged.

Max regularly appears in front of camera, either presenting shorts for broadcasters such as CNN or being interviewed on a particular topic for other channels.