Auctioneer: Beasley Brothers Repair Shop at SCP, 12th October 2022

As part of the ‘Eternally Yours‘ exhibition, Somerset House commissioned designer Carl Clerkin to build a functioning repair shop in their gallery, named the Beasley Brothers Repair Shop.

SCP along with Very Good and Proper, Ercol, Pearson Lloyd, Jasper Morrison Studio, and John Tree Studio have all donated components to the shop. Broken parts, excess stock, and waste material were sent to be repurposed. Carl Clerkin and a host of designer-makers set to work, breathing life into unwanted materials.

An exhibition of all the outcomes are being displayed from 4–12 Oct at SCP, culminating with an auction on the evening of 12th October. I will be the auctioneer of each piece, alongside SCP editor Duncan Riches in what promises to be a fun evening.

6-9pm, 12th October 2022 (free to attend)

SCP East, 135-139 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3BX

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